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Photos of the Demo Team

demoteam1   demoteam2   demoteam3   IMG_3718  IMG_3721  IMG_3722  IMG_3723  IMG_3711  IMG_3713  IMG_3714


Photos from the June 2015 Taekwondo Black Belt Test

IMG_1065 IMG_1077 IMG_1092 IMG_1096 IMG_1114 IMG_1161 IMG_1189 IMG_1192 IMG_1227 IMG_1230 IMG_1252 IMG_1269 IMG_1289 IMG_1292 IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1301 IMG_1310   IMG_1320   IMG_1323   IMG_1339   IMG_1374   IMG_1385   IMG_1398   IMG_1499   IMG_1513   P1150041   P1150051   P1150056   P1150127   IMG_3221   P1150130   P1150140   P1150142   IMG_3091_2   P1150155   P1150157


Photos from the June 2015 Belt Ceremony, including Black Belt Ceremony

P1140838 P1140840 P1140841 P1140842 P1140843 P1140845 P1140846 P1140853 P1140856 P1140860 P1140863 P1140864 P1140866 P1140867 P1140869 P1140871 P1140873 P1140875 P1140879 P1140881 P1140883 P1140888 P1140892 P1140893 P1140894 P1140897 P1140898 P1140899 P1140900 P1140901 P1140904 P1140907 P1140910 P1140914 P1140917 P1140921 P1140923 P1140926 P1140928 P1140929 P1140933 P1140935 P1140937 P1140939 P1140941 P1140945 P1140950 P1140953 P1140956 P1140958 P1140961 P1140966 P1140971 P1140978 P1140980 P1140983 P1140987 P1140991 P1140993 P1140996 P1140997 P1150003 P1150004 P1150005 P1150008 P1150010 P1150016 P1150019 P1150024 P1150028 P1150031 P1150033


Photos from the June 2015 Hapkido Black Belt Test

P1140615 P1140616 P1140619 P1140622 P1140624 P1140626 P1140630 P1140635 P1140637 P1140641 P1140642 P1140643 P1140666 P1140668 P1140670 P1140676 P1140677 P1140678 P1140679 P1140695 P1140700 P1140705 P1140707 P1140709 P1140719 P1140727 P1140736 P1140741 P1140761 P1140768 P1140801

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